Bond Scanner for Glue Line and Seam Inspection

Gluing and bonding has become an increasingly popular technology to reduce the weight of automotive body panels. With this comes the challenge of nondestructively testing hundreds of meters of glue lines during automobile assembly and testing.

The Bond Scanner from BHGE makes glue line and bond seam ultrasonic testing fast, reliable and repeatable. The Bond Scanner is simply clamped on two body panels joined by a seam bond. The innovative array design (patent pending) enables the array to adopt also to contoured parts as commonly used in automobile designs and covering bond lines up to 32 mm width. Since the spring-loaded encoder wheel is located on the other side of the plate combination a firm and stable position of the array can be realized. The specially designed protection foil reduces the needed couplant to a minimum and enables a manual, one-handed scanning. Complete sections of car body bond seams (e.g. on hoods, doors or other mounted parts) can be inspected in just one scan.


• Flexible, adaptive 10 MHz array

• 64 elements, 0.5 mm pitch for 32 mm coverage

• Spring loaded and sealed encoder for optimal positioning

• Protective foil for reducing wear and couplant need

• Ergonomic handling, smooth scanning operation

• Silicone oil free

• Paired with BHGE’s powerful USM Vision+ ultrasonic flaw detector, the complete solution enables phased array glue line inspection of automobile parts even with complex geometries.